Cheap Business Desktop Computers Under $500

business-desktopBusinesses need computers to efficiently streamline their operations. However, brand new computers are quite expensive. A small business that needs a basic computer to keep track of client databases, inventories and business functions can purchase business desktop computers under $500.

Brands such as Lenovo, Dell and Compaq offer consumers business PCs that are priced in the $500 range. Many of these models have at least 2.5 GHz of processing speed, 4 GB of RAM and at least 500 GB of HD space. These units provide users with lots of speed and they are great for running advanced business software programs.

Most computer models that cost under $500 are not refurbished units. They are brand new models that companies manufacturer for consumers. This means that the units will be dependable and reliable and should last for many years under normal uses. However, some people can purchase these models used since some people even consider computer units in this class outdated.

Most desktop or tower PC units that are sold under $500 do not come with a monitor or other types of computer hardware. Mice, keyboards, speakers and other hardware components must be purchased separately. Business owners who build a PC system for their organization should keep this fact in mind when they purchase a model for under $500.

Many PCs that are sold under $500 also has a version of Windows loaded onto their system. PC owners will have to purchase the type of programs that they need to keep track of their business functions. HP Pavilion and Asus also have units for under $500 that are really great for business.Many of these computers can be set up with applications by using the Windows 8 OS. Business owners will then be able to integrate (or sync) their laptops, tablets and smartphones to streamline their operations. Many computer stores, retail outlets and online shops sell PC models for unde

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